The term Aromatherapy is used to describe a particular branch of herbal medicine, it is coined from two words, aroma meaning a pleasant smell and therapy meaning a treatment that aims to cure a physical or mental condition, literally it means treatment using sent. The scent  involved are not perfumes but the pure essential oils of plants valued for their therapeutic properties. Treatment involves applying these oils to the body to improve mental, emotional and physical health and well being. Essential oils are the basic tools of Aromatherapy, these oils are extracted from plants, leaves, roots, flowers, twigs, trees and fruit that can be used to treat all symptoms of the body, disturbances of the mind and imbalances of the emotions.

There are many ways to use essential oils, professional aromatherapists tend  to favor massage as the most effective way of getting essential oils into the body systems and increase the healing potential of the aromatherapy.The medical properties of the oils and the nurturing power of touch combined to form a potent healing treatment, massage can be relaxing or energising, it can sooth the nervous system or boost the blood and lymphatic systems to improve physical and mental functioning, not least among its benefits is the way it can ease pain and tension from overworked muscles and lift the spirits, whenever possible try to include massage in your home aromatherapy treatments, were this is not possible use any of the following methods to use in your home using the correct ratio of essential oil.

Steam inhalations, vaporisers, inhaler sticks, baths, foot baths, body scrubs, room sprays, hand soaps, incense sticks, draw liners, home made candles, creams, face serums, lip balm, bath salts,shampoos, shower gel or to refresh old potpourri.