The Zone Face Lift

The Zone Face Lift. What is it?

This award winning ground breaking natural anti-ageing programme, with its luxurious hot towels, facial products and oil, and full Facial Reflexology treatment, is truly amazing, whilst the emphasis is on nourishing the skin, the quality of touch and guided visualisations will set this treatment apart.

It’s a spiritual facial treatment unlike any other. It works on the inside and out. The Zone Face Lift combines traditional facial reflexology methods and ancient healing techniques from Native America and uses pressure point massage, with sacred healing herbs. An amazing nourishing facial elixir serum infused with amethyst crystal, acupressure rolling tool, Clear Quartz spheres (the master healing crystal) the Jade Gasha sculpting tool and Japanese facial face lift techniques are all used to complete this amazing treatment. Some facial wrinkles can be seen as emotional scars as they are caused by ones life experiences, its not surprising that removing the effects of these emotional scars has more of a positive result than just the beautifying results.


Photo on left shows client before treatment. Photo on right shows results after 12 treatments. Shown with permission of client.
Renowed for removing as much as 10 years of ageing over the 12 week programme which lifts the face and the spirit. The zone Face lift will leave clients feeling blissed out with a smoother face to match. For many women this will eliminate the need for Botox and offers natural alternative to dermal fillers.

To insure good health: eat lightly, breathe deeply, live moderately, cultivate cheerfulness, and maintain an interest in life. – William Londen

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