Rose hip seed oil, Rosa rubiginosa is pressed from the seeds of wild rose hips grown mostly in Chile, unlike Rose oil which is extracted from rose petals, rose hip oil is loaded with vitamins A, E and C and essential fatty acids, it also contains phenols  that have been shown to have antiviral, antibacterial, and anti fungal properties, its prized since ancient times for its valuable healing and skin nourishing compounds, its rich texture is absorbed quickly into the skin, containing a wealth of fatty acids including linoleic and linolenic acids that help to keep cell walls strong so that they do not loose water, this makes it an excellent option for dry dehydrated skin.

Using Rose hip seed oil offers several anti aging properties including locking in moisture, boosting collagen formation, cell regeneration, reducing inflammation, uneven pigmentation, reducing scar formation, fine lines and calming blemishes.

Rose hip seed oil varies in color from pale yellow to a rich golden orange color, the depth of color of the oil indicates the presence of the beneficial compounds such as carotenoids, wonderful to use on the skin directly or blended with others in a nourishing face serum or  moisturising face cream, its an expensive oil but well worth paying the price. Named the beauty oil.