Clarifying Clay Mask 60mls

Clarifying Clay Mask made with Rosehip oil Rose water, vitamin E & sandalwood essential oil.

60mls ( 6 applications approximately)


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This clarifying clay face mask is suitable for all skin types, the use of clay face masks goes back to ancient times, aromatic stock clay which was sourced from caves in France and then dried in the sun are rich in minerals and active enzymes, they contract and tone the skin, strengthen the connective tissue, stimulate blood circulation, draw toxins from the skin and stimulate lymph circulation, used a pert of your skin care routine a mask can be used once per week after you cleanse the skin apply the mask allow to dry completely usually 10-15 minutes before it begins to crack remove with a warm wet face flannel leaving the skin soft and tightened, beware that the red clay can stain.