For as long as I can remember essential oils were a part of my life, my Mother was a Beauty Therapist & Aromatherapist among other things, so it was a natural progression for me to become a Clinical Aromatherapist.

Over the last 30 years I have been guided to work with wonderful tutors who  have shared their knowledge and experiences with me and  I have  built up a nice library  of recipes and dilutions to  choose from no matter what age.

In these  strange and challenging times I have found essential oils to be invaluable to me and my clients, whether it’s in a massage blend, bath oil, Inhaler sticks, roller ball applicators, air purifier, vaporisers, burners, lip balms,  facial serums, moisturises for face or hands, soaps , body butters, scrubs, Candles or simply used on a tissue or pillow,  the assortment of blends are eminence, knowing and guiding the user in the correct usage  is very important as pure essential oils are very powerful and when used in the wrong dilutions, and in the wrong conditions they can produce adverse effects and some essential oils must not be diluted with others.

Essential oils  can help to combat the stresses we are experiencing right now during this lock down period, carefully chosen  oils create a chemical reaction in the body to help calm the nervous system & promote a feeling of well being.

The essential oils  I’m working with   today are  Ylang Ylang  – Chamomile (Roman) – Basil.

Ylang Ylang is a base oil this heavenly perfumed essential oil  has a euphoric effect promoting positive emotions and sedating in times of stress, It reduces high blood pressure.

Chamomile is a middle note oil it has a calming effect on the nervous system like a tonic,  its also anti  inflammatory and antiseptic.

Basil is a top note oil its uplifting great for insomnia, depression, stress, migraine its helps to focus the mind and aids concentration.

This blend is  Loving known as the  (Take me away  blend)
NOTE:  Do not use  while pregnant.