Deep Tissue Cupping

Deep Tissue Cupping

Cups have been used in healing in many countries for hundreds of years.
In China cupping is an integral part of Chinese medicine and this ancient therapy dates back 5,000 years .
Traditionally cups which can be made of glass or bamboo are applied to the skin surface by inserting ignited material into the cup to create a vacuum. The cups are rapidly placed on the skin surface to create suction. This is known as hot cupping. Suction can also be created through non-igneous cups using a pump, this is known as cold cupping.

In CTM cupping is used as a therapy in its own right but also used in conjunction with massage. Essentially Chinese cupping is the art of Creating Space between the surface of the body and the deep tissue layers to allow, blood, fluids and Qi to flow freely.
When used in conjunction with Western medicine, cupping is used to activate the immune and Lymphatic systems.

Effects of cupping
Sedates the nervous system
Generally aiding circulation
Boosting the immune system
Underlying congestion of the organs is cleared
Warming and promoting free flow of Qi
Relieving oedema & Pain

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