At the moment every were I look are essential oils and their benefits and rightly so but today I would like to focus on the good old vegetable oil,base oil, plant oil or carrier oil as they are called, mostly used to dilute and carry the essential oils as a medium but indeed they have many amazing properties in their own right, beautiful, colorful, vibrant, nourishing, soothing and medicinal, there are countless oils representing all corners of the globe in every color, scent, taste and texture serving a multiple of functions.

Today we talk about Castor oil Ricinus communis also called Palma Christi or hand of Christ as a reference to its healing properties, used for many years in ancient healing ceremonies for skin applications, the oil is not for internal use as it causes unpleasant gastric upset but is used as a laxative externally.

Castor oil has the ability to penetrate the skin thus allowing nutrients into the body by skin application, Castor oil packs placed on the liver and abdominal area are an amazing alternative treatment for constipation, liver congestion, inflammation and to help increase immune function, placed on the area thickly and covered with a warm cloth for 30 minutes over a period of time will  help return the body to a healthy state. Castor oil also helps to minimise scarring and other traumas to the skin.

I was treating a lady in a hospital setting with reflexology earlier this year and the nurse recommended to her daughter using Castor oil on her abdomen to ease the blockage (wow a eureka moment)