Avocado oil Persea gratissima is highly nutritious and therapeutic for skin and hair care, its pressed  from the soft  flesh that surrounds the seed and is used for cooking, skin care, hair care and cosmetics, less popular is the oil pressed from the hard pit, which is used exclusively for skin care due to its bitter taste.

Avocado oil is high in carotenoids that provide natural protection against ultraviolet rays of the sun, the oil is easily absorbed and helps to regenerate damaged problem skin, generously supplied with vitamins  A, B, E and D, proteins and amino acids as well as lecithin.These proteins help support collagen in the skins structures thus helping prevent age spots and cell weakening while calming inflammation, regenerating tissues, softening and protecting the skin.

Avocado oil is expensive and a thick consistency so not used for body massage but amazing when used in soap and cream making or blended with another vegetable oil in a face serum example Rose Hip oil, but that’s  for next week.