Aragn oil Argania spinosa, is pressed from the nuts of the indigenous argan tree a native to Morocco were it is a traditional food and oil, argan trees grow in harsh dry conditions and the oil from the nuts perform similar protective functions to the skin protecting it from sun, air and heat.

This oil is light and penetrates the skin without feeling greasy and is an excellent oil for use in skincare products especially problem skin, this oil is considered anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, moisturising and nourishing it  can be used directly on the skin or in skin and hair care products, its generously supplied with vitamin E polyphenols, squalene, carotenes, omegas 3, 6, and 9, omega 6 especially  helps to protect the skin by locking in water for hydration in so diminishes fine lines. Argan oil has also been shown to fade age spots and sun damage and helps to reduce breakouts and help with the over  production of sebum in oily skin and with its triterpenoids helps treat mild acne and heals scarring.

Traditionally the method of collection was through the goats that climb high into the argan trees, the goats ate the kernels and then nature took its course and were dropped to the ground for collection, as any one who has traveled to Morocco have seen the goats in the trees, as the oil has grown in popularity more modern ways of collection and processing are now in use.

 Loving known as Liquid Gold by people in Morocco for its health giving properties.